A/N: This is a hypothetical future-fic. Just some family fluff.


Auggie opened the door to be hit in the face with an inviting whiff of chocolate. He closed the door behind him and swept his cane around him in an arc.

Gone were the days when he could just drop his cane at the door and navigate the house unaided. As soon as Robbie had started walking, he had discovered that it was more prudent to keep his cane at the ready until someone gave him the all clear.

These days, Robbie and even Elissa were old enough to let him know if the floor was clear or if any furniture was out of place. Today, the all-clear was not forthcoming.

“Daddy stop!” Elissa’s voice rang out from the direction of the kitchen.

Auggie obediently halted in his tracks. His cane hadn’t found any obstructions, but small toys (those darn Legos and Hot Wheels) sometimes passed under his radar and could still give him a twisted ankle if stepped on.

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alexandra-lopez asked: I began writing a novel six months ago. As I wrote, I began to feel that my writing became routine. So far I have written 51,571 words and the format I laid out for it would make it spread to 75,000+ words. But I’m no longer in touch with the story like I used to be. Is this because I’ve been taking too long to write it or is it a sign that I should stop writing it? Because I’m not sure anymore.

It’s probably just a sign that you’re about 2/3 of the way through the book, and having that drop off that happens around then. As I explained in my NaNoWriMo pep talk… Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve mostly stayed far away from the Buffy Season 8 comics. I’m not a comic reader. I’m not a fan of Joss’s most… ahem… wild imaginings. But I’m vaguely aware of the general plot points of Season 8. It seems a lot of fanfic writers are also not on board with Season 8, as most post-Chosen fics depart from the comics fairly quickly.

Occasionally, though, I find a comic-canon fic that is not only decent, but really good. Since Spike has been re-integrated into the Buffy comic-verse, it’s possible that more of these will pop up. For now, enjoy this one, and see if, like me, you don’t visit Dark Horse and take a peek at #40 to see the fire escape scene that inspired it. Read the rest of this entry »

A really old fic that I started back in the late 90’s as The Animorphs series was still in-progress. Since it ended up posted on FF.N, I had to adjust the thoughtspeak punctuation, so / will indicate thoughtspeak, rather than the more familiar <>. Yep, I was a teenager when I started writing this. You’ve been forewarned 🙂

Author’s notes:

In general, I don’t like alternate timeline/alternate universe stories. But since the series is over, and almost everyone died, there’s not much else to write. But I can’t seem to let go of the Animorphs, so I decided to pick up a concept that I had dreamed up long before the series ended. I had come up with my own ending for the war, and in that one Tobias was the one that was sent on a kamikaze mission by Jake. I think my timeline broke off at about Book #44. So when reading this, remember that whatever K.A. wrote after that book NEVER HAPPENED in this timeline. Read the rest of this entry »

AN: A Christmas plot bunny that got hold of me. It takes place during a hypothetical Christmas – definitely not canon for this year. It’s A/A friendship, not particularly romantic, but friendly-fluffy. I’m not sure if this is all I’m writing or if I’ll do another chapter or two. Depends on how busy I am the next few weeks, and whether I feel particularly inspired. I’m open to ideas for more holiday escapades for Auggie and Annie. Feel free to comment and make suggestions.

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AN:  Takes place a few years after the end of both series. Non-canon for the comics. Buffy is living in England helping with the rebuilding of the Watcher’s Council and training new slayers. This story takes place on a visit to California on a recruiting trip. Buffy has heard rumors that Spike survived the final battle in NFA. She and Willow track him down. Here’s a glimpse into the reunion, in which Spike gets a surprise…

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AN: It’s a little cracky. Just a weird idea I came up with after seeing Auggie’s glass-top desk.

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AN: This is a quickie crossover I’ve been thinking about for awhile, but finally wrote this morning. It’s not deep and has no plot. Just an interesting interaction between characters that I’ve wanted to see and haven’t found online. It’s Bones/Covert Affairs, and takes place during season 6 of Bones and the hiatus of CA between seasons 1 & 2. Since both shows take place in the D.C. area, I have been really surprised that no one has done a crossover yet. I thought the Hodgela pregnancy was a prime opportunity to crossover, but since no one else did it, I’m tossing my attempt out there. Maybe someone else will take the idea and run with it. I have an inkling of an idea for a follow-up, but it’s even sketchier than this one, so it may not see the light any time soon. Read the rest of this entry »

AN: This is my first attempt at Covert Affairs fic. It’s not set at any particular time. Just Auggie and Annie hanging out, being best buds. And a power outage…

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AN: This was just a little Covert Affairs plot bunny that needed to be fed. I had a little more of it worked up in my head, but when I sat down to write it, it was gone. So the end is a little abrupt. Takes place in the hypothetical future, after Annie and Auggie have been dating a little while. One-shot.

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