AN: This was just a little Covert Affairs plot bunny that needed to be fed. I had a little more of it worked up in my head, but when I sat down to write it, it was gone. So the end is a little abrupt. Takes place in the hypothetical future, after Annie and Auggie have been dating a little while. One-shot.

The sudden bang and simultaneous jerking of the steering wheel in her hands told Annie that yes, the day could get worse, and no, she and Auggie would not be curled up on the couch in front of a movie any time soon.

“Damnitdamnitdamnit.” She muttered, gingerly steering the car to the shoulder of the road.

“Flat tire.” Auggie announced, not nearly as grumpily as his girlfriend.

“No shit, Sherlock.” Annie retorted. “Hand me my phone.”

Auggie reached for her purse on the floor. “Who are you calling?”

“Road-side assistance.” Annie said, the ‘duh’ left unsaid but implied. “Damnit, they always take forever. I just wanted to get home.”

Auggie extracted the phone from her purse, but held on to it.

“Do we actually need roadside assistance?” He questioned. “Wouldn’t it just be faster…”

Annie cut across him, literally, reaching over to grab his hand and place it on her thigh.

Auggie was not sure how to respond to this. “Uh..”

“I’m in a minidress and four-inch heels.” She explained, a bit exasperated. “If I get out there and try to change a tire, I’ll be flashing my assets to the entire interstate. No thanks.”

He turned to face her, shock written across his features. “Woah. I can’t believe you think I would ask you to change a tire in a dress and heels. My mom would have my hide if she knew that’s what you thought of me.”

He held up a hand to stop the objection he sensed coming. “I know, I know, you’re perfectly capable of changing a flat. But so am I. And I’m not wearing anything that can’t go straight in the wash when we get home.”

Annie gaped at him. She felt stupid for assuming… well she didn’t really want to admit, even to herself, why she might not have thought that he would change the tire for her. She grasped for a suitable explanation.

“It’s my car.” She pointed out. “You shouldn’t have to…”

“Come on, Annie.” Auggie said, accepting her explanation while simultaneously blowing it off. “The sooner we get it done, the sooner we get to go home. And I happen to know there’s a brand new DVD and leftover pad thai waiting for us. Just show me where your tools are.”

Auggie located the notch for the jack while Annie retrieved her tire iron, mallet and a shop towel to hold the lug nuts.

After jacking up the car, Auggie knelt by the wheel and reached up toward Annie for the tire iron, his hand brushing the hem of her dress. He grinned up at her.

“What?” She asked, handing him the tire iron.

“If only my brothers could see me right now.” Auggie said, his eyes alight. “This is like every teenage boy’s fantasy: A smokin’ hot woman in a short skirt and heels handing him tools while he works on a car.”

“I’m pretty sure your brothers would say the view is wasted on you, Anderson.” Annie said, huffing out a breath to go with the eyeroll.

“Oh, but it’s not.” Auggie said, his grin stretching wider than she thought possible. He laid the tire iron down and reached for her again, this time brushing the hem of her dress but following through to touch her thigh gently. He sensuously traced the line of her leg from hem to heel, raising goosebumps as he did. All the while grinning up at her lecherously.

Annie struggled to maintain her disdain for the whole idea of being cast as one of those car babes from a hot rod magazine. But the sensation of Auggie’s hand was rapidly pulling her from her moral high ground.