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I’ve mostly stayed far away from the Buffy Season 8 comics. I’m not a comic reader. I’m not a fan of Joss’s most… ahem… wild imaginings. But I’m vaguely aware of the general plot points of Season 8. It seems a lot of fanfic writers are also not on board with Season 8, as most post-Chosen fics depart from the comics fairly quickly.

Occasionally, though, I find a comic-canon fic that is not only decent, but really good. Since Spike has been re-integrated into the Buffy comic-verse, it’s possible that more of these will pop up. For now, enjoy this one, and see if, like me, you don’t visit Dark Horse and take a peek at #40 to see the fire escape scene that inspired it. Read the rest of this entry »


AUTHOR’S NOTE: My first attempt at Dresden fanfic. Set early in the series, I guess, no specific time-frame. Crossover with Buffy/Angel. Read the rest of this entry »

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is an unfinished concept. I don’t really have plans to finish it, because I never found a plot for it. But I do really like it for what it is. It’s Giles’ point of view as he attempts to reconnect with the Scoobies several years after “Chosen.” Read the rest of this entry »

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