AN: It’s a little cracky. Just a weird idea I came up with after seeing Auggie’s glass-top desk.

Auggie leaned on the corner of her desk tapping his folded civilian cane impatiently on his leg. It was long past the time Annie had said they would leave, and having skipped lunch, he was ready for dinner and drinks at the tavern. Annie, however, seemed to have procrastinated on some paperwork, and was still furiously scrawling away on her forms.

“Auggie, if you keep hovering like that I’m never going to get this done.”

Honing in on the subtle sound of her hand on the paper, he snatched the pen smoothly from her grasp.

An exasperated sigh preceded her response. “Come on, Auggie. I want to finish this.”

“Go ahead.”

“I need my pen.”

Auggie knew his grin was leaning toward the side of evil. “It’s mine now.”

“And what are you going to do with it?” Her voice was tinged with sarcasm.

He laid his cane carefully on her desk and his left hand quickly found the notepad he knew she kept for phone messages. Sliding it toward him, he looked in her direction. “May I?”

“By all means.” Annie said magnanimously, knowing that playing along would get her pen back quicker than arguing.

Auggie framed the edge of the paper with his left hand, placing the pen carefully in the upper left corner. In careful, but bold strokes, he wrote:

All work and no play turns Annie into Joan.

He signed it with a flourish and handed the pad and pen back to an amused Annie.

“Aren’t you just too cute.”


The next day, Joan was in Auggie’s office explaining a wiretap she wanted him to monitor, when suddenly she broke off in the middle of a sentence.

“All work and no play turns Annie into Joan?” She asked dryly.

Auggie’s eyes went wide before he had time to compose himself. Arranging his features quickly, he answered “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“It has your signature on it, so that’s not gonna work.”

Auggie maintained his innocent expression as Joan moved on to talking about the wiretap. As she was leaving, however, she tapped a fingernail on the glass of his desk.

“You may want to check the underside of your desk before you leave.” She said, before striding out of his office in quick even steps.

Auggie sighed and reached under his desk. Sure enough, there was a sheet of paper taped to it. Apparently face-up for all the world to see. He pulled it off, checking the rest of the surface, just in case.


AN: Hmm… Has Annie gone too far? How will Auggie react? Anger, annoyance, disappointment, retaliation, humor? I’m open to suggestions for the next chapter.