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A/N: This is a hypothetical future-fic. Just some family fluff.


Auggie opened the door to be hit in the face with an inviting whiff of chocolate. He closed the door behind him and swept his cane around him in an arc.

Gone were the days when he could just drop his cane at the door and navigate the house unaided. As soon as Robbie had started walking, he had discovered that it was more prudent to keep his cane at the ready until someone gave him the all clear.

These days, Robbie and even Elissa were old enough to let him know if the floor was clear or if any furniture was out of place. Today, the all-clear was not forthcoming.

“Daddy stop!” Elissa’s voice rang out from the direction of the kitchen.

Auggie obediently halted in his tracks. His cane hadn’t found any obstructions, but small toys (those darn Legos and Hot Wheels) sometimes passed under his radar and could still give him a twisted ankle if stepped on.

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AN: This is my first attempt at Covert Affairs fic. It’s not set at any particular time. Just Auggie and Annie hanging out, being best buds. And a power outage…

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AN: This was just a little Covert Affairs plot bunny that needed to be fed. I had a little more of it worked up in my head, but when I sat down to write it, it was gone. So the end is a little abrupt. Takes place in the hypothetical future, after Annie and Auggie have been dating a little while. One-shot.

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