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A really old fic that I started back in the late 90’s as The Animorphs series was still in-progress. Since it ended up posted on FF.N, I had to adjust the thoughtspeak punctuation, so / will indicate thoughtspeak, rather than the more familiar <>. Yep, I was a teenager when I started writing this. You’ve been forewarned 🙂

Author’s notes:

In general, I don’t like alternate timeline/alternate universe stories. But since the series is over, and almost everyone died, there’s not much else to write. But I can’t seem to let go of the Animorphs, so I decided to pick up a concept that I had dreamed up long before the series ended. I had come up with my own ending for the war, and in that one Tobias was the one that was sent on a kamikaze mission by Jake. I think my timeline broke off at about Book #44. So when reading this, remember that whatever K.A. wrote after that book NEVER HAPPENED in this timeline. Read the rest of this entry »


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