A friend of mine recently posted a summary of Adam McHugh’s Phases of Writing. I was pleased to see that other writers go through a similar process to mine.

I frequently start a story with loads of enthusiasm, the words are flowing faster than I can type, and it’s just exhilerating. Then comes some sort of block, and I go from soaring on the wind to sinking in a mud pit. Most of my stories (and blog entries for that matter) never make it past this phase. I have several folders on my hard drive full of writing that succombed to the “total incompetence” phase.

I also have quite a few that are lost in the disorientation phase. I know I’ve got something worthwhile in there somewhere, but it’s lost in the mess of my writing process. My story ideas frequently start with a chunk of dialogue. I usually start writing it in script form, just getting the flow of the dialogue going until I begin to understand how the characters got there and where they’re going. Then I start writing chunks of narration and dialogue kind of all over the place. Trying to turn it into something readable by other people often overwhelms me to the point of giving up.

Since I write mostly just for pleasure, and to get an idea out of my head to keep it from driving me nuts, I haven’t really developed any techniques or disciplines for getting through the rough patches. I generally just chuck the thing in a folder, and maybe at some point I’ll get a fresh dose of inspiration and finish it.

This site actually came into being as a place for me to post some of my stories that have been sitting around for ages, probably never to be finished. But maybe they’ll spark someone else’s imagination to take the idea and run with it. Hey, it’s fanfiction, isn’t that the point?