AUTHOR’S NOTE: A plotless one-shot revelation story. Because it’s pretty much impossible for a L&C fic writer not to write about a dozen of these.


Lois and Superman were less than ten meters down the passageway when Superman paused, listening, and suddenly dove on top of Lois as if to shield her from something. Seconds later, an explosion rocked the entire building, and Lois knew if she’d been standing, she would have been knocked off her feet. For several moments, Superman covered her, as the sounds of heavy objects falling resounded above their heads. Astonishingly, the tunnel didn’t seem to be collapsing, and Lois felt Superman rise above her, and she lifted her head. The dim emergency lights that had illuminated the passageway had gone out, and they were surrounded by complete darkness. The air had been musty before, but was now thick with dust. Lois pulled her shirt up over her nose to try to filter out as much dust as possible.

“Can you see anything?” She asked Superman, her voice muffled from behind the fabric of her shirt.

“No. I can see in low light, but not total darkness like this.” His voice sounded strangely wary, and Lois wondered if being unable to see unnerved him like it did her. She rummaged around in her jacket pocket and found, to her relief, her keychain was there, with it’s tiny penlight… now, to hope the batteries were still good…

As she pulled the light out of her pocket, she squeezed the button, producing a narrow, but bright beam of light. “I knew this would come in handy.” She said with delight.

She shone the light back down the tunnel to where the narrow staircase led up to the trapdoor in the floor above. Superman, apparently as encouraged by the light as she was, darted quickly to the trapdoor and pushed on it tentatively.

“There’s a lot of debris on top of it.” He said, sounding frustrated. “I could move it, but I’m worried I’ll cause more to collapse. If there are any survivors up there, I don’t want to put them in danger.”

Survivors… Lois thought. That explosion had been huge. Anybody surviving that would be a miracle.

“Clark!” She yelled suddenly as a horrifying thought rose in her mind. “He could be up there! We’ve got to get up there somehow!”

“Lois, we can’t risk disturbing anything. The whole building could come down. We’ll have to try to find another way out.”

“Oh god, if anything happened to Clark. I never got to tell him…” She sank to the floor, despair washing over her.

“Lois…” Superman began gently, kneeling down beside her.

“I’m sorry, I’m sure you don’t want to hear this. I’ve been such an idiot in so many ways, but I meant to start making things right. I wanted to tell Clark…” A sob stuck in her throat and she couldn’t continue.

Superman placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Don’t cry, Lois. Everything will be fine. I – I’m sure Clark is ok.”

“You can’t know that! He was already on his way when you showed up, he was probably right behind us. I should have waited for him…”

“If you had waited, you might have been upstairs when the bomb went off. “

“At least I’d be with Clark.” Lois said quietly.

Clark heard the pain in her voice and realized he couldn’t go on letting her think he could be dead. He reached for her hand, wishing he could see her.

“Lois, you…. You are with Clark.”

Lois wondered if she had heard him correctly, his voice was so low and quiet. “What did you say?” She asked, her voice shaking.

“Lois… I am Clark. I – I’ve been wanting to tell you. I just couldn’t find the right time or the right words…

Suddenly the penlight flashed in Clark’s eyes. He blinked as his eyes adjusted and then could see a very startled looking Lois looking back at him. He couldn’t tell yet if she was angry, or just shocked.

“You… you… I don’t know whether to hug you or punch you!”

“I wouldn’t recommend punching me, Lois. For your sake, not mine. I probably deserve it.”

To his surprise, the penlight suddenly went out as Lois wrapped her arms around him.

“I’ll find some way to get back at you for the rest later.” She said by way of explanation. “For now, I’m just glad you’re alive.”

Clark chuckled nervously. “I guess I’ll take what I can get.”

“Although,” Lois said as she suddenly pushed him away. “If you’d told me before now, I wouldn’t have had to worry about you.”

“I’m sorry, Lois. And I’m sure I’ll be apologizing for a long time to come… but first, maybe we should try to find a way out of here.”