AUTHOR’S NOTE:  I’m sure the title has you a bit confused.  But yes, this is Twilight.  No, it’s not a crossover.  It takes place post-Breaking Dawn, when Renesmee is probably developmentally about 12.  It’s pretty much canonical and hopefully everyone is in-character more or less.  Bella’s point of view.


I had been keeping Edward company as he detailed Rosalie’s BMW.  She’d kept Renesmee entertained for us for a whole weekend while we enjoyed some time to ourselves, and Edward wanted to show his appreciation.  Even with vampire senses and reflexes, I didn’t trust myself to not mess up Rosalie’s precious vehicle, so I mostly just handed Edward tools, towels and cleaning supplies as he asked for them.  The bonus I got for being his assistant was that I got to watch him work in his plain white t-shirt and “grubby” jeans, which hung on him so well that I thought they were probably banned in several states as a mood-altering substance.

When he had finished, the car was sparkling, and his hands were barely smudged at all.  We put the supplies away, and headed into the house for him to clean up.

As we passed through the living room, we saw Jake, Alice, and Renesmee lounging on the sofas deep in discussion.  From the sound of it, Alice had plans for a shopping trip well underway.

“So what’s going on in here?”  I questioned as Edward darted to the bathroom to wash up.

“We’ve decided to dress up for the movie!” Renesmee said, her excitement bubbling over.

Renesmee had been Alice’s personal doll her whole life, and luckily for Alice, she had fully embraced it.  Now that she was nearing adolescence, she was beginning to learn to appreciate fashion for its own merit, only adding fuel to the fire of Alice’s passion.  But I couldn’t imagine why a movie would be a dress-up occasion.

“What movie?”

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” Renesmee responded, as if the answer was obvious.  And suddenly it made sense to me.  They weren’t dressing up for fashion… this was a costume event.

“Oh really…” I looked at Alice and Jacob.  “And who, exactly, is “we?””

“Me, Jacob and Alice.  Jacob’s trying to convince Seth and Embry.”

Jacob glared at me, as if daring me to make any derisive comments about him or his pack brothers dressing up to go to a teenage fantasy movie.

“And maybe Emmett… I doubt Rose would be into it though…”  Alice murmured as her eyes slid out of focus, searching the future for possible outcomes.

“You can’t be serious.”  Emmett?  Sure he was playful, and since Renesmee’s arrival had been almost as perfect a playmate for her as Jacob.  But dressing in wizard costumes?  Surely that would be a blow to his sense of macho pride.

“Of course!” Alice trilled.  “It will be so much fun.”

“You should really come.”  Renesmee said, shifting her melted chocolate eyes on me; turning on the persuasion.  “And Daddy too.”

I pondered that a moment.  Of course I had no intention of dressing up, it was hard enough for me knowing how much I stood out in a crowd now that I was a vampire.  But it would be nice to see the movie.  The Harry Potter series had been a guilty pleasure of mine for years, and I had enjoyed reading them together with Renesmee as she grew up, but I had missed seeing most of the movies in the theaters.  However, when I thought of sitting in a dark theater, surrounded by human strangers… I knew it was probably not a good idea.  I had done well controlling my thirst, but I was nowhere near as practiced as the other Cullens, and not nearly as confident in my ability to control myself in a situation like that.

“Umm, no.”  I told her, fluffing her bronze curls with my fingers.  “As much as I’d love to see it, and I know you and Alice would love the chance to dress me up in some sort of ridiculous costume, I just don’t think I’d be comfortable in a dark theater with so many humans.”

Renesmee grabbed my hand and nodded in understanding.  “It’s OK, mom.  We’ll get it as soon as it’s out on DVD, I promise.”

Edward returned from the bathroom and Renesmee looked at him expectantly. “Dad?

He shook his head.  He hadn’t participated in our Harry Potter book and movie nights.  That was a ‘mother/daughter’ thing he had said.  “I haven’t seen any of the others.  I don’t plan on starting with the sixth.”

Renesmee looked disappointed, so I thought perhaps I should at least show some interest in their costume plans.  “So which characters are you dressing up as?   Alice would be really cute as Tonks…”

“Alice is going to be Bellatrix Lestrange.” She stated firmly.  “I wanted to be Tonks, and Jacob can be my Lupin.”

“Ah, of course.”  I said quietly, with a glance at my husband.  Renesmee had recently developed somewhat of a crush on her werewolf friend.  So far it seemed completely innocent, and Jacob had responded by carefully ignoring her interest.

“I wonder if Emmett would want to dress as Hagrid.” Alice mused.

Jacob looked disgruntled by Renesmee’s choice for his costume.  “Lupin’s kind of mushy, isn’t he?”

“He’s a werewolf.” Renesmee stated, as if that settled matters.

“So?  He’s a boring werewolf.  I want to be someone more…”

“Manly?”  I couldn’t help myself from goading him a bit.  Since he had imprinted on my daughter and become a de facto member of the family, our relationship had settled into an almost comfortable balance of teasing and respect.

“I just thought maybe I’d be one of the quidditch players.  You know… someone athletic.”  He thought for a moment, and I was sure he was struggling to come up with another character.  Jacob had never been much of a reader, and if he did read, Harry Potter would not be on the top of his list.  He had dutifully watched the movies with Renesmee, but that was about as far as his interest went.

“Like maybe that guy that competed against Harry in that tournament with the dragons and the maze.”  He said, finally, looking triumphant that he had remembered.

“Viktor Krum?”  Renesmee asked skeptically.

“ No… the other Hogwarts guy.  The tall one all the girls went nuts over.”

Ah yes, of course Jacob would be drawn to the role that got all the female attention.  I myself had been quite surprised at how someone who had only appeared briefly in one movie had attracted so many fans.  True, he was a good-looking guy, but maybe having Edward in my life had spoiled me for all human actors.

“Cedric Diggory?”  Alice prompted.  Clearly, she knew who he was talking about as well.

“Yeah…” Jake said smugly.  “Cedric.”

Renesmee rolled her eyes at him and said scornfully.  “You can’t do that.”

“Why not?  You think I’m not cute enough to be Cedric?”

I was a bit annoyed that he was encouraging her a bit with that question, and made a mental note to talk to him about it later.

“No!”  Renesmee said firmly.  “It’s just…”

I knew she was trying to find a nice way to tell him his chosen character was a dead-end.  She was clearly disappointed that he didn’t remember what had happened to poor Cedric Diggory.

Surprisingly, it was Edward who gave him the bad news.  “Jacob, he’s not even in this movie.  He died in the fourth one.”

Jake looked annoyed.  “Oh.”  Then his face brightened  “Well… who knows?  It’s fantasy.  Maybe he could come back.  As a zombie… or a vampire.”

He arched an eyebrow at the last statement, daring Edward to contradict him.  Renesmee huffed annoyed that Jake could be so inconsiderate of the books he knew she loved.

Edward sighed, unwilling to take Jacob’s bait, but still trying to help Renesmee.  “He doesn’t come back, Jacob.  Find a different character.”

“How would you know anyway?” Jacob accused.  “You said you haven’t seen the movies.”

“I said I hadn’t seen the movies.”  Edward stated calmly.  “I never said I hadn’t read the books.”